性能的生活方式 works with a person first approach to provide an individual coaching and mentoring service to all World Class Programme (WCP) athletes. Our aim is to support athlete well-being and to encourage and facilitate their personal and professional development alongside their competitive sporting careers as they move on to, 在世界卫生组织内外.

在体育资讯系统,经过训练和认可的体育训练专业人员为运动员提供全面的支持, supporting their personal and lifestyle needs whilst promoting and encouraging activity and development that allows them to continue to grow as people as well as sporting performers. PL practitioners work proactively to help athletes plan for transition from elite level sport and they are able to continue to provide longer term support should it be required.

The PL team works closely with coaches and support staff as part of integrated multi-disciplinary teams to minimise potential concerns, 冲突和干扰, 所有这些都可能对工作表现和个人生活有害. Support offered by PL practitioners ranges from 1:1 sessions to group workshops and practitioners focus on nurturing relationships based on trust and integrity which enable athletes to work in a safe, 安全,必要时, 机密的空间.

性能生活方式的主要专业领域是管理过渡, 职业发展, 教育, 个人 & 专业发展和支持幸福. 性能的生活方式 is available to all athletes on the World Class Performance Programme and those nominated by their 首页 Country Institutes.

As more and more people apply for 性能的生活方式 roles and show an interest in what we do as a team, 亚盈体育手机App经常被问到如何最好地发展这一学科的亚盈体育手机App. 查看下面的“成为PL实践者”文档, 其中包含了在绩效生活方式的世界中发展自己的十大建议.


# More2Me运动

The # More2Me运动 is designed to encourage elite athletes to develop a more-rounded identity which reflects them as a person, 也是一名表演者. 它旨在促使运动员考虑自己在体育之外的生活, 当他们还在比赛的时候——在运动的同时促进生活, 不后!

该倡议, 2019年2月推出, 是体育部长支持的吗, 下院议员米姆斯·戴维斯和四名精英运动员同意为#More2Me冠军, 他们都处于运动生涯的不同阶段:

  • Lizzy Yarnold is a recently retired double Olympic gold medallist in 骨架 and Great Britain’s most successful ever Winter Olympian
  • Hannah Cockroft is a five-time Paralympic gold medallist in wheelchair racing who plans to compete at Tokyo 2020
  • Kristian Thomas is a retired artistic gymnast who won a bronze medal in the team event at the London 2012 Olympics
  • Nekoda Smythe-Davis is the current world championship silver medallist in 柔道 and aims to represent Team GB in Tokyo 2020


#More2Me has been developed by the English Institute of 体育运动’s (EIS) 性能的生活方式 team which delivers a personalised support service to athletes from more than 30 UK 体育运动 funded world class performance programmes. 欲了解更多关于#More2Me运动的信息,请点击这里.



精英运动有关爱的责任, 培养和支持它最需要的人——运动员. 努力在奥运会和残奥会取得成功,或在任何运动项目中取得最高成绩, 人们对运动员寄予厚望. They sacrifice much of their adolescence and a large part of their adult life to pursue their sporting goals. 他们冒着生命危险, give up careers and make huge compromises in their personal lives for the pursuit of medals or sporting success that benefits the nation as well as the athletes themselves.

性能的生活方式 exists to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between the pursuit of performance and the care for the performer behind that performance. The high performance environment is inherently stressful and so it is important for athletes to have a professional, 受信任的, 以及贴心的服务,帮助他们在世界一流的表演节目中度过这段时间.

确保运动员为未来做好准备是其中重要的一部分. The world of elite sport can be unpredictable – not every athlete will achieve their ultimate ambitions but every athlete will inevitably have to transition from their sporting careers at some point and this can be a particularly difficult time for retiring athletes.

性能的生活方式 exists to enhance and influence the high performance system through passionate practitioners, who help to create and nurture a culture that delivers performance and responsibly cares for its people.




Supporting the well-being and personal development of athletes whilst on the world class programme is an important part of our responsibility towards our athletes and it can also contribute positively to their performances. 运动员自己也完全赞同EIS绩效生活方式团队的方法:

“有这么多方面的表现需要考虑, working with my 性能的生活方式 practitioner has allowed me to step back and review what I’m doing with the big picture in mind. I can achieve more in sport when I believe in and can see the direction I’m going and that’s come from working closely with my 性能的生活方式 practitioner.”

“只要我有能力,我就会使用性能生活方式支持. It’s been an absolutely essential part of my career and I believe I wouldn’t have had such a long and successful career without its guidance and support. 讨论的形式多种多样,包括讨论在运动的同时继续学习的最佳方式, 想办法为运动之后的生活做计划, getting advice on time and life management issues and enabling access to inspirational influences outside of sport, 有人可以作为导师和红颜知己.”

“我和我的绩效生活方式从业者所做的工作在我作为一名运动员的过程中扮演着关键的角色. 成为一名优秀的运动员不仅仅是完美地管理你在跑道上做的每一件事, 但也偏离了轨道. “

“Performance lifestyle has enabled me to feel confident whilst preparing for my retirement in my sport. 在他们的帮助和鼓励下,再加上我收到的资助, 我已经能够完成我可能不知道的课程, 从而提升我的简历形象.”